Destruction Road

Destroy as much vehicules as possible by gathering the Ultimate Team of Destruction in this arcade infinite runner game !

*** FEATURES ***
- Easy Gameplay Mechanic (Touch and Hold)
- Pick your team from 50 Upgradable Vehicules
- Create Massive Explosions
- Complete Challenges
- Unlock Achievements
- Compete in Leaderboards

Select up to 4 vehicules from the 50 upgradable vehicules available!

Make vehicules hits as many other vehicules as possible! The more a vehicule hits, the more points it earns you!

Reach the goal for each level and unlock new vehicules!

Complete Challenges to earn extra coins to upgrade your vehicules!

Share your score in Leaderboards and compare yourself with the rest of the world!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.