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Key Features

Play heroic-fantasy characters in frantic matches set in a cartoon world and score as many points as possible!

- Fast-paced Sport Arena Game

- 4 Players in Local-Multiplayer

- 4 Playable Characters with unique abilities

- Unique Maps

- Multiple Game Modes and Class Change Options



Pushes everything around him.


Attracts everything to him.


Runs super fast.


Shoot arrows that pushes everything it touches.


Game Modes



Last player to touch the ball scores 1 point.



Claim a goal.

Player scores an own goal:

1 point for all other players.

Player scores in other player's goal:
1 point.



Claim a goal.

Player scores an own goal:
3 points.


Other player scores in player's goal:
1 point.



Claim a goal.

Player scores an own goal or other player scores in player's goal:
-1 life.


Player scores in other goal:

+1 Life

How to play

The game must be played with XBox 360 or XBox One controllers, or any other controller emulated  as XBox 360 Controllers (via x360ce or DS4 for example).


[Left Stick] : Orient & Move

[A] : Class ability
[Y] : Set Ready

[X] : Claim Goal

[LB] : Previous character
[RB] : Next character

[Start] : Open/Close Character Customization Panel
[DPad Up] : Select Hunter | Change Head Skin of character
[DPad Down] : Select Warrior | Change Color Skin of character
[DPad Left] : Select Rogue | Change Right Hand Skin of character
[DPad Right] : Select Mage | Change Left Hand Skin of character